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Our world is in turmoil. We need better leaders. Leaders who lead from the Inside Out. Leaders on a heart-felt mission. Leaders who consistently walk their talk.

We need you.


About you

You are a leader on a mission to better the future of humanity. You are a game changer, free-thinking and courageous, a conscious entrepreneur, business owner, executive or coach. You’ve achieved great things, but something feels off… You are ready for expansion and to live and lead from the inside out. To be more, to live from your heart and soul, authentic, inspirational, making that difference and increasing your impact.

You might feel:


Spread too thin: on the hamster wheel, surviving vs thriving, and often your private life is suffering.


A lack focus: everything and everyone is asking for your attention, and employees are often resisting the changes needed for the company to thrive, distracting you from the bigger picture and your long-term mission and vision.


Bored: because of all the distractions you are working below your true capacity, and you are asking yourself: when will they find out?


Frustrated: people around you don’t get it, or are way to slow.

Your life is full, but your soul feels empty.


You are frustrated because you lack the purpose and meaning that you deeply want to have. You get away with it: everybody is following you and nobody is telling you the truth.

And all of this ends up in wasting so much time and money, causing unnecessary stress and lack of energy. And, last but not least, it is negatively impacting your personal life. What you really want is:

More fun, more purpose and meaning, more satisfaction, more soul, and more abundance in every area of your life.


Mission driven high-performers all excel at managing 3 key areas - how do you score?

About me

Over the last 20+ years my programs have supported over 500 conscious leaders on important missions and they call me their secret weapon.

With my own track record as a business owner and as a director in the corporate world, combined with setting up and guiding complicated cultural change and leadership programs, I get where the distractions are and how to keep you on track.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, you opened my eyes to what lay in my heart. At that point, I knew I had to sign up for your program to make it happen.

Our sessions have been truly insightful and have made me introspect deeply on a number of occasions.

I’ve been on a few coaching programs before, and yours is by far the most powerful. There’s a reason why you’re called a ‘secret weapon’.

Arunjay Katakam

Fintech entrepreneur

From our first contact, I felt that Nicole had something unique to offer. She exceeded all my expectations through the time we spent together. Nicole’s multi-dimensional thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, have (re)inspired my aspirations as well as my actions.

If you’re ready to be completely honest about who you are and where you want to be, I would highly recommend to take the plunge and have Nicole coach you to the next level.

Marijn van Faassen

HR Director, Syngenta

As of my first day as Director of Facility Services Maastricht University I knew that Nicole would be the right person to support me as an executive coach. I have not been proved wrong in this. Direct, pragmatic, supportive, reflective and above all the quality to be able to keep distance and thus make the right analysis. This during the different management team meetings but also in the 1:1 coaching conversations with myself.

Nicole is not only very strong in terms of content, but also a warm personality with a healthy dose of humor and the courage to be vulnerable. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend Nicole for coaching at executive level and for leadership development.

Erwin Kuil

Director Facility Services, Maastricht University

Nicole’s programs are the best gift you can give yourself.  It brought me peace, calm, self confidence, clarity and more job satisfaction.
Inge van IJzendoorn

Manager, Lybrae

Nicole’s methodology is immensely powerful – be prepared to change if you attend one of her lectures, trainings or ask her to coach you!
Julie Brown

Senior Leader HRD, ASML

Nicole has coached me for several months. I highly recommend her. Working from her broad experience, knowledge and intuition she quickly gets to the core.

I am immensely grateful for this intense 1:1 coaching trajectory.  I have taken enormous steps in just months, which would otherwise have taken me years.

Joris Behagel

Manager, Lybrae

After working with Nicole I have another perspective and new resources to draw from.  It is an enrichment of my work as a leader.
Marit Veenstra

Teamleader, Maastricht University

About us

My clients report that, after having worked with me,


They have a compass which makes them super focused in their decision making.


They always experience calmness and clarity in the midst of crisis.


They have fun,  feel fulfilled, energized and on purpose.

And as a bonus they report a better work/life balance and an improved relation with their significant other.

Problems cannot be solved from the same consciousness that created them

 ~ Albert Einstein ~

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