I am Nicole Dubois

Secret weapon for Conscious Leaders on Important Missions

And I am delighted that you are here to get to know more about me.

I am  on a mission to raise consciousness in leadership and to support leaders to live and lead from the inside out, from their heart and soul, their purpose and mission. 

The world is in turmoil, and there is an enormous lack of conscious leadership. We need leaders like you, who yearn to make a difference for the good of humanity and this planet that supports us. We cannot lose more time, the time is now, we need you to be the best you can be. And the best you can be is more than you can imagine.

I am here to help you accelerate your impact and leave a legacy you can only dream of.


Conscious Leadership:

I believe that conscious leadership is a necessity to create a better future together. Leadership is an inside out job. It requires maturity, wisdom, courage and self-reflection. Conscious leadership is about deep listening, truly seeing people and making decisions that reflect your values and your personal mission. I love to create leadership programs that help you become more conscious and successful in leaving your legacy. I will hold you to the highest vision of yourself and I will walk my talk.


I believe that conscious leadership won’t tolerate lies, excuses and ego-masks. Conscious leadership is about transparency, truth, authenticity and vulnerability, and so am I.


I believe in a higher order, a benevolent Universe, that is supporting us to evolve towards a better future together, when we let it and consciously co-operate. When we listen to our intuition, trust it and surrender to it with grace, life becomes easy, we experience flow and happiness and feel gratitude on a daily basis. I believe in unity and equality, in diversity and conscious freedom. And I believe that all of this doesn’t have to be overserious, that laughter and humor enlighten our days.


I am here to support anybody who want to transform into the best version of themselves, who wants to raise their consciousness to make meaningful impact. I will listen, be truly curious, dig deeper, to help you uncover what needs to be uncovered. And help you act, even when it feels daunting, when you feel like an imposter, or just too scared. I will help you to spread your wings and fly.

Slow Down, Connect Deeply, Make Meaningful Impact 


I deeply care about humanity and this planet. I love my clients, my team, my partners. And I know that slowing down and self-care are a prerequisite to truly connect to others and make meaningful impact.

I love to help my clients to connect deeply to and follow their heart and soul, to be courageous and show up authentically, to thrive and leave their legacy.

I love to be more, fully present and in my full feminine power. To listen to my intuition and serve you like you have never been served before. To challenge you to be the best you can be, not by working hard, but by simply stepping into your authentic power.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 

 ~ Marianne Williamson ~


When we work together you will experience a huge shift in the way you lead. You will transit from living and leading outside in to living and leading inside out: from your purpose, your values and your vision. And that mind shift alone will change how you see yourself and the impact you can make. It will give you confidence and ease. And a deep drive to act and make a difference. We will laugh and have meaningful conversations. All to accelerate your impact.

And Accelerating your impact is I what I really want that for you.

Do you hear the calling? Check out how we can work together: