About Love

Love is not a word that we tend to use in business. Yet in my experience, love is essential. And it works for me in a number of ways.

Loving what I do

Love makes me better, more committed, more actionable, more energetic, more passionate, and more focused. And that love generates greater output and of better quality.

Loving who I serve

Love makes me serve more, see more, prepare better and be more. Love makes me totally present with you. It makes me love you into being the best version of yourself. Love you into courage and action. Love you into self-care.  Love you into authenticity. Love you into thriving.

Loving myself

This love may be the most essential but it is perhaps more controversial. But when I feel unconditional compassionate love for myself, it’s not as though I am preoccupied or self-centered.  Instead, I take care of myself and make sure that I have enough energy to be totally present. I am open and vulnerable. There is no room for victimhood, good girl behaviour, bitching, or any other depreciation of myself. I am a laser beam of truth and love for others. I feel secure and calm. I take the time to self-reflect, adjust and grow.

I could go on and on.

I’d like to suggest introducing love as a business strategy. How about you?

Loving you,