Do you care? About other people’s opinions?

Please don’t

Because when you do, you will start living from the outside in. You will start living the life they expect of you. You’ll be who they expect you to be. You’ll listen to them and adjust your behaviours, and ultimately your thoughts, accordingly. Outside in.

That is not just limiting your possibilities, it is truly is a waste of your life. That is what a good girl/boy does. And it will make you unhappy, it will leave you feeling drained.

Inside out

What the world needs now more than ever are leaders who live from the inside out. People who live with passion, purpose and commitment. People who know their personal compass: their mission, values and vision.

Inspirational leaders that others love to follow. Strong, connected and aligned. Quirky, even. Authentic and honest leaders that dare to accept the invaluable gift of their uniqueness and live it bravely. Leaders that don’t howl with the wolves, but instead give advice and challenge.

But don’t stop learning

But that is not to underestimate the importance of listening. Because sometimes, other people’s opinions can help us to grow. To be better people, better leaders. Conscious leaders listen deeply to their people and use the collective voice of those that surround them as a barometer. To help them understand if they are fully communicating their mission, fully advertising their values, fully selling their vision to their tribe.

It is understanding this difference that is important.

How about you?

So, do you dare to not care, but without losing your capacity to do so?

The next Spark will be about white space and inspired action.

Loving you,