Happy new you

How to help your resolutions stick

How are those resolutions looking?

February is upon us. How are those resolutions looking? Every year is the same, because every year we make arbitrary decisions about the year to come without enough thought about who we actually need to BE to make it possible.

I’m going to be more consistent. I’m going to get more rest. I’m going to go make more meaningful impact…

Without proper thought and consideration, these resolutions are nothing more than trite mantras that might get us through the first few weeks of the year, but soon enough we are left feeling a little despondent that we couldn’t stick to a resolution. Again.

So how can you make resolutions stick?  As I said in last week’s blog, it is so important to check in with our minds, bodies and hearts regularly so that we can consciously keep in sync with what is going on for us under the surface.  If we don’t, the changes we want to make will never become cemented into our consciousness.

First you need your compass, second you need a plan, but third (and maybe most important) you have to step up your being.

BE the change…

As Mahatma Ghandi famously said, you need to “be the change you wish to see in the world”.  For conscious leaders, that quote is more poignant than ever, as we strive to improve our part of the world by how we lead with honesty and authenticity, and behave in the ways we wish to see in others.

So, what change do you want to make this year?

Are you looking to be an inspiration to others? Do you want to make a remarkable difference?  Do you want to be a sought-after leader?

Whatever your goal it’s important that it is in line with what you fundamentally yearn for within yourself.  Born from your personal compass.  If your goals aren’t aligned with your own heartfelt mission then you will struggle to invest in them enough to see them through.

To create real positive change your commitment to your goals will be measured by your tribe on how unwavering, consistent, and reliable you are in pursuit of them. This wil make that those around you will naturally rally and support your goals too.

The shift within

And you need to make that shift within yourself too. Superficial changes just won’t last.  You need to stop and think about who you really need to BE in order to make lasting positive changes in your life. If you want to make a change, then something within you has to shift. When you want to be a more inspirational leader or make a big difference in the lives of others you have to BE that person too.  It can never be a half-hearted or short-term effort, but it is instead the small but consistent changes that turn you from one person and into another. Into that improved version of yourself. 

There may not be an overnight transformation, but that’s okay.  If your plans for change are in line with what your heart, mind or body truly wants then you are on your own side, and you will succeed.

How do you want to BE?

We need you to be that. Now.

Loving you,