How I support Conscious leaders: the 3-step process.

You learnt in my last Spark that I support conscious leaders with heart felt missions to reach impossible goals. This week you’ll learn about my 3-step method I use to help them achieve those goals.  A method that has proven time and again to produce amazing results.  A method based on my personal experience. A method validated through a variety of research into psychology.

Getting out of your own head

When I meet my clients for the first time, they usually tell me how overwhelmed they feel in life. They might have a mission but their vision is cloudy. Or they might have a vision but imposter syndrome has them questioning their every move.

The trouble is, these people are consumed by the effort and attention required to run the hamster wheel, and they don’t know how to step off. And this can leave them feeling exhausted, disappointed with themselves and unsatisfied in life.

When I dig a little deeper to find out what’s really going on, they either ramble or become absolutely silent.  They have no way of articulating their thoughts, feelings and emotions. But the common denominator is that they are completely in their heads, with thoughts jumping around like monkeys.

Does this sound like you?

So, how do I help them? I enable my clients to get out of their heads and achieve more as conscious leaders with my 3-step process:

Step 1 – Slow Down

Step 1 is to slow them down. To become fully present and breathe. To check their bodies and emotions. To make them realise that they are not their thoughts, their emotions or their bodies. That these things don’t determine who they are. But that instead these are things that are experienced by them. And that a part of them can be a witness to that.

I connect them to their hearts, and we create some white space and just BE. And from there I raise their consciousness to new levels, enabling them to see new views and to get new insights and new ideas.

Step 2 – Connect Deeply

Step 2 is to connect them to their personal compass: their heart felt mission, their personal values and their vision. And make sure that their compass is their true north, unwavering whatever happens. From that moment on I am their vision keeper.

Step 3 – Make Meaningful Impact

Step 3 is to help them make meaningful impact. To help them decide on their actions, to overcome hurdles and to build their tribe. I am their cheerleader and using my laser beam of truth I’m able to tell them when they go astray.

The Scorecard for Conscious Leaders

If you’re wondering how you measure up as a conscious leader, my free Scorecard for Conscious Leaders will show you. This deep-dive questionnaire uncovers where you are excelling and where you’re still developing. And it provides actionable and in-depth feedback to help you understand where and how you can improve as a conscious leader across the 3 markers of Slow Down, Connect Deeply and Make Meaningful Impact.

Access the FREE Scorecard for Conscious Leaders here, it might just be the best thing you do today:

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