Once you fell in love, How thoughts create things


Remember a time when you fell deeply in love? All of your thoughts were positive, and the relationship was thriving. And then the little annoyances crept in. Your thoughts changed and your relationship changed.

Remember when Covid started? Most people enjoyed the peace and quiet, the time with the kids, and there was a sense of togetherness and hope in the air.

Then the second lockdown came, we got annoyed and suddenly there was aggression in the air.  Remember when you first started your business? You were full of hope and motivation, and everything started off really well. But then there was a setback, you got worried, and then the problems started to pile up.

Three little examples of… Bad luck? Life? Bad choices? Maybe. Or maybe not.

Consider this:

Thoughts create things.

Look at the examples above. When your thoughts changed, your reality changed. The annoyances, the second lockdown, the setback – all of it was real. But when your thoughts changed about the situation, you went into a downward spiral.

So maybe we’ve got it all wrong: it’s not the situation that creates our thoughts, it’s our thoughts that create the situations.

Thoughts create things.

Once, there was nothing but now look around. There are many things! An abundance of human creation everywhere we look, all created by thought, followed by desire and then commitment.

How about you?

What situations do you want to change in your life and business? Consider your thoughts about those situations and change them. Change them into something positive, full of hope and desire, and then commit. Again. The next Spark will be about how we limit ourselves by statements and stories.

Loving you,