The Renovation

The Centre of Conscious Leadership is almost ready to open its doors!

Three years ago, I bought a beautiful old farm with an orchard, wildflower garden and an organic veggie patch. It was my dream to create a Centre of Conscious Leadership and this place was perfect for it: in the country, enough space and the right energy. But still in its original state of 1851.

And I am delighted to announce that after an 8-month renovation we are moving back in! The house has become light and comfortable, and the original details like centuries old beams have been preserved.

I love all of the little features such as the exposed brick steps
The open space the renovation has retained means the internal spaces are serene
I can’t wait to move the furniture in to secure the finishing touches 
The exposed beams are my favourite! 

What I have learned from this renovation project:
I have already learned so much from this project, and I wanted to share a bit of
that with you:

  • Dare

Just do it! When you have a deeply-felt desire connected to your mission and
values, and it feels right, just do it. Don’t bother too much about the how, because
solutions will show up for every problem you encounter, even when it seems
impossible at first.

  • Imagine

Imagine the desired end result in all its glorious detail as often as you can. What
does it look like, feel like, sound like, or even smell like? Don’t be afraid to adjust it
as you go, as long as you increase and simplify the original idea, don’t decrease or
complicate it.

  • Baby-steps

A big project can be daunting. And project connected to your mission can be
terrifying. Instead of thinking about the big picture, just take the next little step, day
after day after day. And you’ll surprised at what you can achieve.

  • Trust

Have faith! Like a child who knows that Santa will bring presents. If you can bring
that same joyous feeling into your project, support will come in surprising ways.

  • Receive

Receive this support as generously as it is given and be grateful. Consciously and
daily. Make sure there is balance in giving and receiving.

  • Frequency

Keep your frequency high. Whenever my frequency dropped from love to fear, due
to tiredness or overwhelm, things started to go wrong. We live in a loving Universe,
ready to help us fulfill our wildest dreams. We are always creating, there is no
discernment from the part of the Universe. Your frequency determines your
outcomes. This chart is a great help to see where you are and to take incremental
steps towards expanded frequency:

  • Love

Add love, attention and presence, to every detail of your project. By giving full
presence and love to everything and everybody involved, it will make all the
difference to the desired outcome.

  • Rest

Slow down regularly to recharge. Those are the moments when the best ideas and
solutions pop up in your mind. And it helps to keep your frequency high. And that
is exactly what I plan to do once the unpacking is finished. Rest and enjoy. What a
year this has been!

What’s coming up:

The Centre of Conscious Leadership is almost ready to open its doors and I
couldn’t be more excited! In the meantime, all of my current projects are
continuing as normal, and in September we will start with live programs such as:

  • The 5 Day Wild Women Leadership retreat: last years bestseller, fully
    booked every single time. For women who want to lead from both
    purpose and their female qualities.
  • The 5 Day Conscious Leadership retreat: after last years succesful tryout
    this program will be back. For leaders who want to lead from
    purpose, heart and soul.
  • The Tribe Experience – In person: new advanced program, more
    information coming soon.
  • 1-on-1 coaching – In person: evergreen

All of these programs will make maximum use of all the features of the Centre of
Conscious Leadership including the beautiful barn with view out over the orchard,
freshly picked lunch from the veggie patch, secret outside spots for reflection and
walks through the wildflower garden.

I know how wonderful it is going to be for my clients because I have already begun
to see the benefits of my surroundings in this beautiful place. And it’s when our
minds are given the space to breathe and slow down, that we surprise ourselves
with new inspiration and insight. I will keep you informed on mine!

Loving you,

Raise your Consciousness 

Accelerate your Impact!


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