What do you do?

Frequently people ask me what I do for a living. Coaching leaders is not my answer, because coaching is just one of the tools that I use to support them. And there is so much more. Let me explain:

Is your success all that you hoped?

Most leaders I know are overwhelmed with the issues of the day. They are successful to the standards of most, but may be bored, overwhelmed or even uncertain, and worried at being found out. At night, they ask themselves: is this it? How can I enjoy this more? And how can I make a bigger contribution to the change I want to see in this world?

Maybe this is you, or somebody you know.

Take a moment and slow down

What I often see is that those leaders lead from the mind, from logic and reason. They don’t slow down to listen to the wisdom of their hearts and souls, or the wisdom of pure presence and consciousness. Perhaps they don’t think they have time to slow down and seek the silence and connect to the Universe, perhaps they don’t know how to, or perhaps they can’t see the benefit.

And in my eyes, that’s such a terrible waste! Not only for those leaders, because without heart they are merely surviving, not thriving. But also for those lives they could have influenced for the better, if they’d led more from their hearts and souls.

What I do for conscious leaders

And that is what I do: I connect leaders to their heart, to their true purpose, their soul’s mission. I help them raise their consciousness in a very effective way, zoom out and see more. Because every time you reach a new plateau, you will have a new view. I support them to lead from the inside out, with vision and compassion. I help them to leave a legacy that matters, and I show them how they can have more ease and fun.

I challenge them to play big, and on the right board.

And once you play the right board, the whole Universe will start to cooperate.  And you’ll excel, experience flow, and the conscious creation of your life and your work will become easy and natural.

The time is now

I’m so excited about my work and sharing my heartfelt mission with you, because the time is now: with all the turmoil in the world there has never been a more pressing need for conscious leaders.

  • We need wise and conscious leaders with beautiful missions, strong values and clear visions.
  • We need brave visionaries leading from the inside out.
  • We need our leaders to step up and make that difference for humanity, our planet and future generations.

And it is my humble task to challenge and support them. To be their vision keeper and free them from their imaginary cages. To connect them to a higher wisdom, set them on fire and help them thrive. To be their secret weapon.

How I can help you become a successful conscious leader

That is why I work with a select group of leaders with heartfelt missions.  I share their commitment to their goals and to their commitment to always give the best of themselves to succeed and thrive.

What if I could do that for you? What would you be able to accomplish? How high could you fly? What difference could you make…?

Whenever you are ready, we can work in two different ways: 

  • Transform your Consciousness: 1-on-1 bespoke coaching and mentoring
  • The Tribe Experience: 9 month small group journey
    Are you committed to your mission and are you curious about what working with me could look like for you? Book your exploration call and let’s find out.

Looking forward to connecting!

Loving you,