White space and inspired action

Achieve more

You are an entrepreneur, successful and hard working. As you’re always on the move and always taking action, you probably can’t sit still.  And it’s the same each day, each month, each year.  You’ve achieved a lot.

But what if I tell you that you could have been more, but with less effort?  That you could have had more impact and more purpose? That you could have achieved more peace and fulfilment? All without doing more.


It is by slowing down,

and connecting deeply,

that you make meaningful impact.


What do I mean by this? You may think it sounds counterintuitive and counterproductive, even plain impossible.

Let me explain:

It is by slowing down that you escape the hamster wheel, get out of the rat race, get away from that perpetual cycle where no matter how fast you go you need to go faster, however much you do you need to do more.

Just stop.

And breathe.

Create some white space.

Space without worries, to-do lists or busy thoughts.

Just breathe and relax. Muscle by muscle. Listen to your ego trying to sabotage you with thoughts like: you don’t have time for this, you are lazy, go get, go get, go get. But don’t react. Just observe. And breathe and relax some more.

That’s when you can enter white space.


Here you can connect deeply to your soul and your mission.  You can feel the beauty and desire that comes from it.  You can feel the emotion of it too.  And ask yourself why you want to accomplish your mission. Ask yourself what good it will bring.

If it helps you to focus, bring your hands to your heart and feel your heart beat steadily, your body’s constant rhythm.  Don’t forget to breathe slowly and deeply.  Feel your chest rise and fall.  Then ask yourself what you need to know and what you need to do right now to fulfil your mission.  And listen to your mind’s response.  What answers are you given?

Write it down as it comes to you. Don’t adjust it. And then do it. That is inspired action. That is how you get into the flow and make miracles happen.

How about you?

What answers did you get?

The next Spark will be about Love

Loving you,