Why I do what I do

“I want you to sign this before you go,” he said.
“Ok, give me a pen and I’ll sign.”
“Don’t you want to read the contract first?” he asked.
“If you want me to sign it, I will sign it, I don’t care what it says.”

I grabbed the pen and signed the document releasing me from my family, and walked out of the door, leaving my father behind in a rather perplexed state.

My friend was waiting for me in her father’s car, cramped with my belongings. We drove off, I opened the window, and I took a deep breath: I felt free! I was 17 years old; I hadn’t finished high school yet, I didn’t know what was next, and I didn’t care.

I know now that my parents meant well, but they had this image of me, a box that they wanted me to fit in, and that box didn’t fit me at all. There were all these rules, and I was a rebel. I questioned everything, I broke the rules and I drove them nuts. But honestly, they drove me nuts as well.

The perfect daughter

Trying to become their perfect daughter had driven me further and further away from my soul. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. All I knew is that threatening me to kick me out of the house seemed like the perfect option.

And that is where my quest began. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of all of this? There has to be more…


I made many mistakes.  I married at 21 and divorced at 24.  At 29 I married the man my parents would have wanted me to marry, and we have two wonderful children together. But inside I died, and we ended up divorcing. I had a long-term relationship with a narcissist. Ultimately, I burnt out and a terrible break up ensued. My recovery took years.

I encountered devils and angels. I was abused, mentally and physically, but I was also rescued and taken care of.  My rescuers were my grandmother and my friends. And finally, I rescued myself, helped by something bigger than me: God, the Universe, or whichever moniker you use.


Looking back, all that happened contained so much beauty: I learned to set clear boundaries, how to communicate better, how to walk my own path and not care to much about other people’s expectations. I know my values and I found my life purpose. I broke out of the box, stopped being the pleasing good girl or the victim. I embraced my inner wild woman, her zest for life, her rhythms and rituals. I found my inner wise woman, her compassion and knowing. And I integrated all of that.

I learned to slow down and enjoy, to feel grateful. And I learned how to purposefully create. I learned how to welcome good people in my life, without needing a wall around myself. How to love with an open heart. How to forgive. I learned to ask and to receive. And that nothing feels better than giving. And I learned to say no to anything that didn’t contribute to my wellness or purpose.

And I finally learned how to raise my consciousness, to connect to something bigger than me, and to surrender and trust.

I know I don’t have to do it all by myself, because I am supported by a loving Universe. I know that if I can sit still, create white space and raise my frequency that good will come from me and good will come to me.

I still make mistakes. Many!  And I sometimes get lost in an unconscious survival mode. But these days I recognise when I do, and I am able to step out and go back to thriving mode.

That is why

This is the reason why, for the last 20 years, I do what I do: being the secret weapon for conscious leaders who want to lead from purpose, from values, from vision that I wish I’d had.

  • Helping them raise their consciousness and connect to the whole Universe.
  • Support them in finding their mission and translate their mission into a vision.
  • Being their vision keeper.
  • Help them realise that we need them, now, to be the best they can be.
  • Challenge them to lead from the inside out and make that meaningful impact.
  • Supporting them to reach impossible goals.

Life has tried and tested me, but I survived and learned from my mistakes. And now I want to share those lessons with you. I want to help you get clarity, challenge you and support you in leading from purpose. For this world, for future generations. And for yourself. To live a life well lived.

You don’t have to do this alone. Together we can do the impossible and we will create ripples of love. Together we will accelerate your impact. Together we will give meaning to your life.

As one of my beloved clients said: “You connected me to my heart, and you helped me amplify my goals. Then the rollercoaster took off, and everything started to work in my favour. I could not have dreamt that this was possible.”

Whenever you are ready,

Loving you,