Why I don’t bargain

I don’t bargain, because I love you.

I don’t bargain about the price, about how you show up, about the results, about anything.

When we work together, we have high standards for each other: we show up, we dare to be vulnerable, we keep our promises, we give freely, we have fun, and we do the work.

I want you to have skin in the game, because that will ensure that you create miracles. It will ensure that you do the work, that you get your results, that you live your mission, and that you truly thrive.

If I bargain with you, we lose all that. If I devalue me, devalue you, or devalue what we can achieve together, what is the point in starting out in the first place? I refuse to devalue any of it, because then we can truly accomplish amazing things.

And that is all that matters to me: that you thrive, that you make that difference, that you leave your legacy.

Because I love you.

Loving you,