About my compass

How it serves me and helps me leave my legacy

Leadership is an inside out job

Leadership is an inside out job: you lead from your own compass for life: your personal mission statement, your core values, your unique talent and your vision, and an actionable life/work plan. This compass enables you to make the difference you want to make for this planet and future generations, to create the legacy you want to leave. The life/work plan can change according to the circumstances.

My compass

Since I have had my own compass my life has become much easier, the direction clearer and my choices more predictable. It consists of:

  • My souls’ mission: raising consciousness
  • My core values: love, freedom, making a difference
  • My unique talent: being a laserbeam of truth
  • And my vision for work:

Raising consciousness in leadership resulting in more sustainable decisions, happier workplaces and ultimately a better future for our planet and our children.

  • And for life:

Raising my own consciousness gives me a fresh perspective and it enables me to react from love instead of fear – which, of course, I don’t always do, but at least I know that I have a responsibility for the choices I make!

This part alone changed my life. It made me clear on the clients I want to work with, the depth of the questions I ask, the way that I listen. It made me forgive and set boundaries. It changed my perspective on so many things.

My life/work plan

But what made it even more powerful was translating it into an actionable life/work plan, which I review every year. It starts with the vision for my life in terms of:

  • The yearly goals I set
  • The priorities I choose
  • The actions I take
  • The thoughts and convictions I choose to have
  • The people I interact with
  • The rituals and habits I put in place
  • The clients I work with

These are all in line with my personal compass.

But this is not always easy and it sometimes calls for difficult decisions

For instance:

  • Loosening ties with old friends (and sometimes family members) that really suck your energy
  • Letting go of grudges you hold towards people that serve no purpose
  • Cutting out foods that you love, but that really make you tired
  • Saying no to clients that aren’t in line with your personal compass

And some of those really took some time for me to act on, and still do. My biggest pitfall is “understanding” and holding on to relationships that don’t serve me.

But my compass tells me that it is not love, it is fear. It lowers my energy and my consciousness, I get irritated and it restricts my freedom. So, I slow down, connect deeply and decide to let go.


A compass with a life/work plan makes you crystal clear in your decision making. It gives you direction on what to prioritise in your full lives. As a consequence, you can experience calmness and clarity even in the midst of crisis. You will feel aligned, fulfilled, energised and purposeful. It results in sustainable decisions and happier workplaces.  And as a bonus you will experience a better work/life balance and an improved relationship with your significant other.

My plea is clear: get your compass ASAP!

We need you. Now.

Loving you,