How to create your personal compass part 3: vision

Creating a compelling vision

Let’s make a distinction first: there are personal visions and organisational visions. A personal vision is the vision of the founder of the company. They are the soul of the company. They are unique, they create the flavour of the brand and attract the right customer, employee and investor. Think Apple, Nike or Starbucks. The more authentic you are in creating your vision, the more compelling it will be for both yourself and your tribe. Organisational visions build on personal visions. They set the rules for behaviour and priorities for all involved in your day-to-day business. This post is about your personal vision. Creating your personal vision requires the ability to dream big. Your practical brain is not very helpful in this process because it will cut down your greatest potential using thought processes instilled throughout evolution to keep you safe. But be courageous, have fun with it and take the following steps:

Step 1

Breathe deeply, slow down, relax and connect deeply to your mission and your values. Check how they make you feel. Then step into the future in your mind.  Imagine the most positive, outrageous future outcome. Take some time, add details and embellishments. Imagine you’re already there, and then look back. What was your role? What exactly did you do? With whom? Where? How? What would have really made you proud? Create that vision, bit by bit. Make it tangible, add colour, flavour, sound and feeling. Continue until you feel excited and unstoppable. Write it down in detail, and make a vision board if it helps you to visualise. Think about it for a couple of days. Don’t talk about it with other people yet, treat it like a seedling: protect it and nurture it. Adjust it, add more detail, refine it, but never tone it down, not even a little bit.

Step 2

Finish your compass. Incorporate your mission, your values and your vision into a pitch, and pitch it!  Create a first follower, engage people and create your tribe. Make yourself visible, spread your message:
  • Be present on social media – post, engage, attract your tribe
  • Do that TED Talk
  • Write that book
Use your compass daily.  Slow down for 20 minutes, create white space, connect to your compass and ask yourself: What are the 3 most important things I could do today? Find someone to hold you accountable, to coach and guide you, to help you overcome procrastination or doubt. Make that difference, leave that legacy!

Need any help?

You have made it so far. You have done the suggested exercises in the last 3 posts about creating your compass. Maybe you succeeded to get crystal clear and focused. Congratulations! Or maybe you struggled a bit. You did the work, you feel the yearning, but clarity and focus are still somewhat missing. Maybe you need a sparring partner, or you have questions, anything to make the next step and go with full focus? Are you fully committed to find and live by your personal compass? I would love to help. Book your free exploration call and let’s talk.
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