Manifesto of a Conscious Leader

Today I would like to share some inspiration, may be even food for thought. Something I wrote, especially for you:

Manifesto of the Conscious Leader

I look around this blinded world
And I can see
I see what needs change
I see the good and the possibilities

I take full responsibility
For my thoughts and for my actions
For what I created in my life
And for what I AM about to create for this world

I know my purpose
My values
My qualities
My uniqueness
I AM that, I AM

I have a vision
And an actionable plan
To make the meaningful difference
That will create my legacy

I keep my frequency high
So that good comes from me
And good comes to me
For the better of this planet and future generations

I AM brave with grace and a loving heart
I AM the one I have been waiting for
I won’t disappoint myself
The time is NOW

Are you this leader?

Loving you,