Raise your consciousness, why and how.

Raising consciousness is a must. And it is way easier than you think!

Let me tell you about climbing a mountain. When you start, you just see the mountain, it is big, it is steep and maybe it is a bit daunting, because you don’t know what you will encounter. You start climbing and after a while you reach a plateau. Suddenly you have a new view, and with a new view come new ideas, new perspectives, and new possibilities. You climb a bit further, and again you reach a new plateau, same story, the view from the first plateau is suddenly old and a new perspective arises. And so on. Until you conquered the mountain.

The same is with consciousness. Most of the people today are in the so-called matrix, they believe their own thoughts, their cultural and social imprints. That is their truth. And other people’s views are not true to them. They live outside in: the world happens to them, and they react. This makes them victims. They are surviving, not thriving.

Once you start raising your consciousness, that is: becoming aware of your own thoughts, and the truths of other people, and you start to question them, you might adjust your opinions and you reach a new plateau. Suddenly new idea’s, perspectives and possibilities arise. Your impact grows. And today, more and more people are reaching this plateau.

The next stage of consciousness is realizing that you can live from the inside out. From your personal compass, your mission and vision. From your dreams. You start to realise that your thoughts and actions can influence this world and create the outcomes that you desire. And again, you will see new idea’s, perspectives, and possibilities. Your impact accelerates.

You climb on and you start realizing that your thoughts create your reality, because you start to see the results of your own thinking. That realisation with the ability of choosing your thoughts carefully, will create laser-focus in your thoughts. And suddenly the whole universe seems to start to cooperate. You become a magnet for new opportunities, people, and ideas. Serendipity, coincidence, or luck? You choose thoughts of creation, love, unity and harmony. Your impact goes through the roof.

And finally, you fully realise that you are the creator of your own illusionary world. And that it is the total of the concepts, beliefs, and thoughts about who you are (your persona, ego, avatar) that is withholding you. Your own thoughts and the thoughts of others about you. You are fully awake now, and you know the divine truth about you: I Am and I Create, with my thoughts and inspired actions and I also create when I am sucked into my persona, but that is where I usually create trouble. This is where your impact reaches warp speed because your persona stops limiting you.

Conclusion and urgent call: no matter where you are, make raising your consciousness your priority. It will accelerate your impact. It will enable you to be the change that you want to see in this world. It is your divine assignment. There is a reason why you are here and raising your consciousness is the only way that you can really fulfil your purpose.

Maybe you think that this will take a lot of time, even years, that you will have to meditate for hours, that this might not be for you. Again: limiting believes of your persona. You can raise your consciousness quickly and effortlessly. Promise.

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