Raise your Consciousness

As Albert Einstein so accurately stated: we cannot change problems with the same consciousness that created them. That means that if you, as a conscious leader, want to make meaningful impact for the good of humanity and this planet that supports us, you will have to make it a priority to raise your own consciousness.

As conscious leaders we will have to come out of victimhood, duality, judgment, and fight/flight/freeze mode. We will have to move away from fear and lack and exhausting ourselves. And we will have to connect to unconditional love, a supportive universe and learn how to create miracles.

This will enable us to make meaningful impact with ease and grace. With clarity in our minds and love in our hearts. That will make us the leaders that will inspire others and connect them to our cause. That is how we create ripples of love and consciousness together. That is how we create leverage. And that is what our world needs today!

How do you create ripples of love and consciousness?

Loving you,