Why I say no to New Years’ goals

And what I do instead

For years I reviewed the previous year: lessons learned, celebrating, new year’s goals etc. And to tell you the truth: not much came from it. It is known that in the 2nd week of January 5 out of 6 new year’s resolutions and goals are out of the window. People are simply not capable of keeping them. Same here.

So I started to do some research: which goals did I meet, and why? It turned out that I easily met the goals in the areas of my life that I was already content about, like parenting and the relationship with my children, goals for my house and the garden, goals for my social life or personal development.

The goals I didn’t meet where in the two areas of my life that I wasn’t content about for a long time: health and money. And of course, most of my goals were set for those areas.

Rather frustrating.

How come?

Simply said it is because inside of me nothing changed. My Being in those areas stayed the same. Let’s take tired: I was feeling tired, I was thinking tired, my frequency was tired, I often said that I was tired, my bodylanguage was tired. My general message was I AM tired. That was who I was Being.

And no matter how hard I tried to eat better, move more, sleep better, for years everything stayed the same.

Years ago, I had the same with love relationships, as long as I felt unworthy the wrong men would appear and confirm my feelings of unworthiness. Only when I decided to work on me, to accept me, to love me, to know my deepest desires and that I decided that I AM worthy, knowing deeply that the truth is that I AM worthy, the perfect man showed up, and I couldn’t be happier.

What is it that I am I doing instead of new year’s goals?

I make I AM statements:

I AM fit, healthy, full of energy.

I AM sleeping 8 hours per night.

I feel those statements, deeply, and I repeat them daily, feeling them, adjusting my language, my body, my feelings. And I know, through experience, that these statements change my Being, I become those statements. And that will automatically change my actions. And that is why these statements will give me the desired the results.

Because my Being determines my results.

Check this last statement in your own life:

Look at the areas where you are doing well in your life. Who are you Being there? How do you feel? What do you think? How do you act?

And ask the same questions for the areas where you desire to change.

Do you see the pattern?

When your Being changes, change happens automatically. When your Being doesn’t change, you will have to work hard for change, you will have to persevere for a long time. And you cannot be certain about the results.

Change can be easy, reaching goals can be easy. All you have to do is change your Being. To become the person that would reach those goals. By claiming it through I AM statements.

That is how you create. That is how you create results.

I wish you a wonderful 2022, create miracles, by changing your Being.