Your Personal Compass

What is your true north? Have you discovered your personal compass yet?

Get off the hamster wheel

These are uncertain times. Old structures have begun to crumble but new structures are not yet in place. People are confused. I get it.

It’s all too easy for the issues of the day distract you. A day goes by, a week, a quarter… and looking back, you worked hard and you solved a lot of problems.

But something feels off. And that leaves you worried, frustrated, bored or exhausted.

You want to live and lead with more purpose, leave a legacy, fulfil a mission. But while you remain in the hamster wheel it feels like there is no time to slow down and to breathe, to connect deeply to your heart and soul and to make that meaningful impact. 

This series is designed to help you to create your compass and create al laser focus. 

The power of a personal compass

Knowing and living by your compass means taking full responsibility for your thoughts, behaviour and decisions in every area of your life.  Living with and leading from a compass is not for the faint-hearted.  But when you are willing to take the time to discover your compass you can:

  • Lead with clarity
  • Stay calm in the storm
  • Stop procrastination 
  • Have more fun and energy 
  • Feel truly fulfilled

Leading with your personal compass also makes you inspiring to others and easy to follow or co-operate with. Creating your compass is one of the most effective strategies for achieving your purpose in your life and leadership.

It is the best way to live and lead from the inside out.

The 3 elements of your compass

There are three elements to your personal compass: your mission, core values and vision.  Click below to discover more about how to create your personal compass.

Any questionsduring the process? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

We need you. Now.

Loving you,