The Conscious Tribe
for conscious leaders who are ready to increase their meaningful impact.
If you want to go fast go alone,
If you want to go far go together.
You have this vision. A vision about how it could be. A vision for this world, for humanity, for generations to come.
It is big.
It is scary.
But it is the only thing that you really want to do.
Maybe you have tried, maybe you started, or maybe you are on the way. But it can be lonely. The issues of the day distract you. You feel frustrated. You know you could do more, you could be more and you could do better. And maybe you think: am I good enough to do this?
It is time
to join a tribe
A tribe of conscious leaders, supporting, cheerleading, challenging and
looking out for each other.
The power
of groups

Being in a group of peers who are there with you, through the struggles and successes, who you can touch base with every day, who believe in you and are creating their vision with as much passion as you are, is priceless. It is easier to stay motivated and there is collective wisdom to draw from. You will never be doing this alone when you join the Conscious Tribe Experience. It will give you all of that and more.

Elements of the Programme

  • Personal 1,5 hour intake call with me to clarify your goals and kick-start this programme.
  • Small group of super motivated high-achievers with moonshot missions, ready to do whatever it takes.
  • Come together on Zoom for three 2-hour sessions per month, with one week off, for a total of 9 months.
  • Deep personal coaching from me during the sessions.
  • Group coaching when applicable.
  • On demand personal laser coaching sessions to help you overcome obstacles.
  • Recordings of our calls for future reference.
  • Accountability groups for in-between session support, acceleration, inspiration and encouragement.
  • Online private group to keep everyone connected, inspired and supporting each other.

What can we achieve together?

  • Raise your consciousness, change your being
  • Get absolute clarity in every aspect of your life
  • Be the difference you want to see in the world
  • Be confident, calm and joyful
  • Be part of a supporting tribe for life
Are you ready?
And experience how we could work together.