Today 50 days of this year are gone…

What did you achieve so far? Were you able to escape the issues of the day and follow your long-term vision? 

If so: great, keep up the good work! If not, please read on and let me inspire you to get you (back) on track for true and meaningful impact! 

The one thing leaders making meaningful impact like mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Martin Luther King and others, have in common is a personal compass. They lead their lives and companies from the inside out, by design. They are clear in their choices, calm in the midst of turmoil and inspirational. And they live fulfilled lives.

2020 Is my big impact year: developing new programs and services, building my team, writing my book, giving my keynote speech and working with clients on increasing their impact. I could not achieve all of that and stay healthy without my compass. It keeps me sane and happy. And it ensures that I have time for some other priorities ;).

My idea of a compass consists of a deeply personal mission from your soul, your core values, your unique talent and your life vision. Combined with new habits like daily reflection time it will lead to a meaningful and actionable plan for your work and your life. 

How to create your compass. 

It all starts with a clear and personal mission, beyond your ego, and from your soul. A deeply personal mission from your soul is usually bringing a form of light to this world. But what is your personal hue of light? How do you want to contribute to this planet and the next generations? What is the legacy you want to build?

Mine is raising consciousness in leadership. That is what I really really want to contribute to. Because I deeply believe that there is an immense power in raising consciousness for leaders. To lead purposefully from love and soul instead of the issues of the day. To lead from the inside out, from your own personal mission, and not from the outside in, as a reaction to those issues. I know what raising consciousness as a leader can bring to you: clarity, meaning, calmness, fulfilment. And I want that for you.

 So, how do you find your mission? 

Slow down, and breath… Connect deeply to your heart and soul and ask yourself: 

What do I want? What do I really really want from a place of love, not from fear? What is the legacy that I want to leave? How am I going to make myself fulfilled, the next generations proud, this planet a better place? How can I contribute? 

And then ask yourself: if I would do that, how would my life look like in a year, in 10 years? If I would achieve that, how would I feel at the end of my life, looking back? 

Mind you, it doesn’t have to be something grand and compelling, it can also be small and beautiful. But one thing is for sure: it touches your heart and makes you emotional. 

Find your mission!

And live it: slow down daily and create some white space for 20 minutes, connect deeply to your mission, choose your actions purposefully and make a dent in this universe!

In my next post I will talk about values. And because values in itself have no value, so to speak, how you can translate them into behaviour. And why that requires courage… 

But what if you couldn’t find your mission? 

I am happy to help you find your mission. So, when you are a leader, an entrepreneur or an executive yearning to accelerate your impact, you can book your free exploration call with me. Let’s talk, and find out what your mission is!