Slow Down

Find out how to create space to meditate, reflect and practise self-care. Find out how to become calm, clear and focused. Raise your consciousness and experience the results.

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Connect Deeply

Find out how to connect to your deepest mission, highest vision and core values, to your heart, your soul and your innate wisdom.
This is your personal compass.

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Make Meaningful Impact

Find out how to take inspired action, become fully aligned with your compass and to overcome procrastination. This is about getting results and leaving a meaningful legacy.

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Recent Sparks

White space

White space And inspired action Achieve moreYou are an entrepreneur, successful and hard working. As you’re always on the move and always...

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Do you care?

Do you care? About other people's opinions? Please don'tBecause when you do, you will start living from the outside in. You will start...

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Who are you?

Who are you? How we limit ourselves by statements and stories No really - who are your?Everyone has any number of possible answers to this...

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Once you fell in love

Once you fell in love How thoughts create things RememberRemember a time when you fell deeply in love? All of your thoughts were positive,...

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To Commit

To Commit How commitment changes your life A new coachSince the experience that I described in my last Spark of Inspiration, I have been...

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Next level

Next level consciousness What happened to me over Christmas To share, or not to share?As I told you in my last post, over Christmas...

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Show here the door

Show her the door When imposter syndrome strikes again PrideI have been in this game for a long time.  I pride myself in passing on...

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Happy new you

Happy new you How to help your resolutions stick How are those resolutions looking?February is upon us. How are those resolutions looking?...

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The impact of 2020

The impact of 2020 on you And how to tackle it with kindness in 2021 Last year had in impact on everyoneLast year had an impact on...

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Beyond Intuition

Beyond Intuition How connecting to the superconscious mind will multiply your impact Logic and the conscious mindIn our western education...

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Raise your consciousness

Raise your consciousness How raising your consciousness will accelerate your impact What is consciousness?When I talk about consciousness...

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