I’m the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed.

I’m your truth-seeking missile. Your friendly BS-detector, with over 40 years’ experience as a senior business leader. I know your world. I know you.

I’m here to help you discover your souls mission and your authentic legacy. And I’ll be there to support you while you live it.

I’m a life coach who knows the pressures of topflight leadership.

And I’m a leadership coach who thrives on whole life authenticity.

I’ve lived your world

I was once a successful business leader like you. I know your achievements and your struggles. I understand the impact of responsibility, and the petty frustrations you endure. I know how dynamic – and how bored – you can be.
I also recognise the expectations others have of you. As well as the ones you place on yourself. I see how that’s led you to acting from a place that’s far from your heart.
That’s why you may wonder Is this it? Is this all my life was meant to be?
It is not. There’s more. There’s so much more than this.
You have the potential to fly as far and as high as you wish. You can leave a legacy that has real impact.
I see like a laser beam. Who you could be if you were powerfully, authentically you.
I know, because I was once you.


At the age of 27, I thought I had It all. As a business leader in ICT, Was earning a huge amount of money. I drove a BMW and wore the latest designer clothes. My life was spent traveling and living the dream.
At the same time, my life seemed empty. After a while, it felt all so meaningless. Is this it? I thought.

I changed my life for the first time, and became a hugely successful mediator and coach. I also started to explore spirituality, and the process of living well.

Yet I continued driving forwards. Added to that were the pressures of being a single mum with my own business, and it’s no surprise that finally I burned out. Enough is enough, I thought. It was time to change my life for the second time.

I started living my true self, in every area of my life. I began running corporate cultural and leadership programs and helped to transform businesses from the inside out. Authenticity became my watchword and my passion. For many years, I had the pleasure of watching companies blossom into healthy workplaces – in every sense.

These days, I’ve changed my life for the third time. I live in a renovated farmhouse deep in the Dutch countryside. I grow vegetables and keep chickens.

I also work one-on-one with value-driven executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to discover their leadership compass and their truest selves. My watchword is still authenticity. With me, they achieve their full potential and accelerate their impact – in every area of their lives.


When we work together you will experience a huge shift in the way you are. You will move from living and leading outside in to living and leading inside out: from your higher self, your purpose, your values and your vision. With clarity and focus.

And that mind shift alone will change how you see yourself and the impact you can make. It will give you the confidence and the motivation to make a difference. We will raise your consciousness. That will enable you to see more and to create deliberately. We will laugh and have deep conversations. All to enable you to become the ultimate version of you and live your best life, personally and in your business.

This is what I really want for you.

We need you. Now.
Loving you,