Referral Program

I believe that the greatest compliment anyone can give me in business is to refer me as a 1:1 coach to their collegues, peers, friends, family members etc.. It is with gratitude and appreciation for what it takes to make a trusted referral that I created this client referral program. The program is both an incentive and a appreciation program, and it is very simple:

For every client for 1:1 coaching that you refer to me you will receive:

⭐︎ A free exploration call of 1,5 hours that you can give to a potential client, who meets my criteria for coaching: a succesfull and visionairy leader who wants to contribute to a better world and who realises that leadership requires an open mind, self-reflection and the courage to act congruently under all circumstances.

⭐︎ After their initial purchase you will receive 4 hours of coaching for yourself.

All referrals can be directed to me by filling out the form below. After approval of your request I will send the potential client a link to schedule the free exploration call and and you will receive an invitation to book your extra 4 hours of coaching.

Thank you for considering me and trusting me with your network. 

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