About authenticity

Authenticity is a bit of a buzz word in leadership just now. We get told that you simply must be authentic, otherwise you are not a good leader. But what does that even mean? Does it mean putting on show the good, the bad and the ugly? I hope not…

I think about authenticity differently. To me, authenticity is BEING the way I was meant to BE. Without the unconscious programming that might otherwise run the show. Without my limiting beliefs. Without my coping strategies. Without my frustrations. Without my subtle fears and insecurities.

But that is big work in progress. Consciously noticing those times when I am not love, not light, not feeling abundant, not joy, not creative, not present – and choosing to work on it. Like a continual cleansing process until the real me is uncovered.

This is called Cultivating Being. It is scary, and hard work, but so worthwhile.

And as my coach once said to me, I will now say to you:

“If your thoughts, or the thoughts of another, shall deny who you really are, or contradict the right to be the full expression of who you really are, then here is your champion, who says that those thoughts are lies”.

This is how I will challenge you, and make you thrive, in authenticity.

Can you imagine what will be possible then? Can you imagine how you will lead? Can you imagine what meaningful impact you will make?

Loving you,