Beyond Intuition

How connecting to the superconscious mind will multiply your impact

Logic and the conscious mind

In our western education system, the main emphasis is on the conscious mind and more specifically on analytical left brain processes. From early childhood we are encouraged to use our conscious minds. How often were you told to analyse, think or be logical?

The result is that we rely heavily on analysis and logic. However, scientific research shows that our conscious mind only uses approximately 5% of our total brain capacity and that the other 95% is used by our subconscious mind.  Also referred to as intuition, gut feeling or sixth sense, this is a way of processing information and reaching conclusions subconsciously without analytical reasoning.

Intuition and the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is wired to identify and process patterns which trigger neurochemicals that affect both the brain and gut. This gives us the sensation that something “feels” right or wrong.

We make intuitive decisions more quickly than with rational conscious thought. Without this system the sheer number of choices available to us every day would quickly overwhelm us – from how to brush our teeth to which route to take to work. Intuition is based on an extensive set of memories that our brain has collected throughout our lives.

That is why experienced entrepreneurs often appear to have great instincts, where in fact they have simply built up more intuitive processes relating to business through experience. So they are able to subconsciously recognise and process patterns and respond to the neurochemicals that trigger the brain.

But years of experience doesn’t prevent us from sometimes getting it wrong. Intuition partly relies on cognitive and cultural biases and these can prevent us from seeing situations as they truly are.  There are numerous stories about successful business leaders trusting their intuition and there are just as many stories about leaders getting it wrong…

So if intuition and logic are both flawed, what other processes can you rely upon to make truly inspired decisions?

The superconscious mind

The superconscious mind is a higher level of consciousness and makes it possible to achieve true greatness and elevate the human spirit.  As Einstein stated so accurately – “problems cannot be solved from the same consciousness that created them”.

The superconscious mind offers a real solution to the problems of today:

  • climate change
  • health pandemics
  • hunger and poverty
  • terrorism and violence
  • greater division and duality

Humanity has created these problems and we need a tribe of leaders with higher consciousness and a capacity to lead us out of this mess.

The superconscious mind is a level of awareness that sees beyond our material reality and taps into the energy and consciousness behind it.  A number of great thinkers referenced this concept of a higher consciousness.  For example, Carl Jung referred to this as the superconscious mind, Ralph Waldo Emerson called it “oversoul” and Napoleon Hill called it infinite intelligence.

The superconscious mind is where true creativity can be found, including ideas for great works of art, music, literature, scientific discovery and deep spiritual insights.  Thomas Edison, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and composers including Bach, Beethoven and Mozart all claimed to have received sparks or streams of inspiration, creativity and insight. 

Lynn McTaggart, award winning scientific journalist and author of The Field, a book on research about connecting to super consciousness, said “If all information from the cosmos flows through our pores at every moment, then our current notion of our human potential is only a glimmer of what it should be.”

How to consciously harness the superconscious mind

Simply put: slow down, connect deeply and make a meaningful impact.

  • Slow down. Be mindful, fully present with all your senses, leave behind your insecurities, opinions and cultural conditioning and be open to the possibility of a deeper connection to something bigger than yourself. Simply breathe and be receptive to the thoughts that come to you. You may generate incredible ideas.
  • Connect deeply. Meditation forces us to slow down and in doing so we can experience a deepening peace, calmness, and even bliss. These feelings are when you are most connected to the super consciousness. You might experience flashes of insight, or even permanent states of heightened consciousness, like Eckart Tolle and Bentinho Massaro famously reported.
  • Make a meaningful impact. When you fully commit to an inspired goal, the connection to the superconscious mind can result in seemingly fateful events and crazy coincidences. The superconscious mind also provides the lessons and experiences that you need to succeed and make that meaningful impact. Sometimes it turns out that those setbacks, problems and temporary failures were just what you needed to ultimately succeed. The more we trust and the more we keep connecting to this field full of wondrous power and possibilities, the information your will receive.

What next?

My invitation to you is to slow down and connect deeply. Set a goal today. Test this power of the superconscious mind. Connect to it, trust it and practise it until you succeed. Then you can move from the positive thinking of the hopeful person to the positive knowing of the successful person. Then you will make a meaningful impact, lead from the inside out and live and lead with purpose.

You can then be the leader this world needs, you are able to operate from a higher consciousness and lead us out of the messy state of the world we see today.

We need you. Now.

Loving you,