The Power of Pause

How was your summer? Did you take a meaningful pause in your otherwise hectic and full life? Did you create time where you were screen-free, interruption-free, and task-free? Time to recharge? I hope so!

Recently I gave myself some well-overdue time off.  I was completely exhausted after a demanding year.  And it took a while to properly kick in, but after a week of restlessness I discovered my inner peace, and creativity started to flow again. And it made me realise how much I missed it, and just how essential it is.

We fully enjoyed our beautiful house after 9 months of renovation, worked in our garden and had many friends over for dinner parties. And we had a very special family dinner for my daughter: I hadn’t seen her for two years due to the virus!

Conscious leaders know the value and power of PAUSE – the act of stopping awhile, to clear your mind of the schedules, deadlines, decisions and tasks. Because it’s only once we pause that we are able to properly connect with that is the most important in our lives. Our true purpose. Our mission, vision and values. Things that can get swept along in the everyday until we forget why we’re doing all this.

These are my tips for you:

  • Tap into the power of pause daily, by taking some time out to slow down. Turn off your phone and close your laptop. Sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Focus on the gentle in and out of your breath. Clear your mind of extraneous things. And let your thoughts wash over you like the push and pull of the tide.  And ask yourself  a powerful question like “what is my why?” or “What is the most meaningful thing I can do today?” You may be surprised what comes to you.
  • Take your schedule and plan your days off for the next year: holidays, long weekends etc. Make them sacred. You need them.

Loving you,