Raise your consciousness

How raising your consciousness will accelerate your impact

What is consciousness?

When I talk about consciousness I mean our awareness. Awareness of the world and its cultural norms, awareness of our own thoughts and beliefs, awareness of our mission and of our place in the universe. Awareness of the I Am behind your thoughts. The more conscious we are the more meaningful an impact we can make. To develop our consciousness we need a rational understanding of the process together with practical exercises to help us get there and the Four Levels of Consciousness as described by Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley outline this process perfectly.

Level 1: Awareness of the “Culturescape”

We are aware of a constructed world of cultural norms, practices, and expectations. This is the level at which an estimated 95% of humanity currently operates: awareness of the norms but with no questioning of them.  We accept society’s definitions of things like love, career and success and we judge those that think differently to us.  But we hardly ever question those beliefs, or consider the possibility that there might be an alternative. This is living from the outside in.

Level 2: The Awakening

Once we start to question these imposed ideologies we transition towards the second level. We ask things like:
  • Why do I need a college degree?
  • Why do I practise this religion?
  • Do I really need to work a 9 to 5 job?
  • Why am I alive? What is the purpose?
By asking these questions and allowing ourselves to really think about the answers, we start to realise that we don’t actually have to follow many of society’s rules. At this stage we might start “unplugging” and experimenting with meditation, visualisation and other methods that might enable us to tune in to our higher levels of consciousness. This level is more about the act of questioning and less about the answers themselves. It is about realising that you can forge your own path and choose something that might be at odds with the expectations of others.

Level 3: The State of Limitlessness

At this level inspiration guides our intentions. We start to truly discover our own answers. We become aware of our unique mission. We know that we are living out our true purpose. Then, we live that purpose so authentically that the universe itself starts to back you up. Things start to just click. At this level you truly start making a meaningful impact.

Level 4: Becoming Extraordinary

This level brings with it feelings of supreme confidence and self-assurance. We know that we are going to succeed in whatever we set our mind to.  This doesn’t come from arrogance but instead from a deep love of contributing to humanity. When we reach Level 4 our consciousness merges with everything. We feel connected to all forms of life. Level 4 consciousness is so rare that only a handful of people in the world reach it on a regular basis. But there are many more that have experienced flashes of it. Once we have been there, it changes us completely. And life becomes easy.

Where are your now?

And what does it take to grow and expand, to move to the next level? Do you see the advantages of the next level and is it appealing to you? Once you reach the next level there is no return. Your perspective on life changes irrevocably. There is no turning back. What level are you? Are you ready to expand?
We need you. Now. Loving you,