The impact of 2020

And how to tackle it with kindness in 2021

Last year had in impact on everyone

Last year had an impact on everyone.  You might be the entrepreneur who had reinvent himself or the CEO worried about the wellbeing of her employees.  Nobody has gotten away lightly. If  you are a sensitive person you probably suffered more than most. The coronavirus hit the world harder than anyone could have anticipated, and its effects are still very much in full flow now, early in 2021. Whether you have suffered from the illness yourself, know others that did, or you’ve simply been kept away from the people and the places you love, Covid-19 has a lot to answer for. Everyone is tired now.

But what can we do

when we feel that we have no means of controlling what is going on right now? People around the world are laying their trust in the politicians and leaders of our time, in hope that their decisions are the right ones for everyone. You may be one such leader. And that is a heavy burden to carry. And you might feel like you are losing grip on things you usually control. It’s natural to question, to try to take some control over our collective destiny, to push back against anything and everything that is causing us discomfort or upset.  Conspiracy theories will abound, people will get tired of being told what to do (if they haven’t already) and resistance will begin its insidious creep.

But we need to shift our focus

Because it would be false to suggest that we have no control, because we absolutely do.  We have control of our minds and so we have control of our decisions and our actions. No, we may not be able to decide to just not get infected with this illness but we can still do plenty to look after ourselves during this time – be it following the guidelines, consciously building our psychological resistance, or taking enough rest. Because the better we feel, the better we can lead, inspire and motivate others.

Slow down

So why not take some time to slow down today and listen to what your body, your mind and your heart are telling you? Go to a quiet space, lay down if you can, and focus on your breathing, just your breathing. Slow it down.  Breathe in for four beats through your nose, hold it for four beats, and out for eight beats through your mouth.  Place your hands on your belly, feel its rise and fall as you gently breathe in and out. What is your body telling you? Do you ache? Do you feel any areas of tension? Are you tired? What is your mind telling you? Is it racing? Is it worrying about one thing and another?  And your heart? What is it yearning for? Try to work out what it is that you need. Not a new pair of jeans or another bar of chocolate but more fundamentally? Take a step towards bettering your own wellbeing in 2021 and make a positive change that your body, your mind or your heart is asking for. Is it improving your diet, respecting your sleep, trying meditation or getting back to nature with more regularity? Does your mind need more challenges? Are you holding yourself back due to imposter syndrome? Do you want to be in better alignment with your mission, vision and values?


Try to commit to one positive change and hold yourself accountable by telling those people who are important to you, because they will want what’s best for you too. No, this isn’t a New Year’s Resolution, but it could be a new you in the making.
We need you. Now. Loving you,


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