Something remarkable happened the other day: a CFO I have been coaching some years ago switched jobs and wanted to continue working with me. When I asked him about his mission and values, he mentioned the mission and values of the new company.

For me this is leading from the outside in: whenever your circumstances change your compass changes. I would have understood if he would have adjusted the sails, but true north is true north.

For me, leadership is an inside out job. You have your own compass for life: your personal mission statement, your core values, your unique talent and your vision, and an actionable life/workplan. This compass enables you to make the difference you want to make for this planet and future generations, to create the legacy you want to leave. The life/workplan can change according to the circumstances.

My Compass

Since I have my own compass my life has become much easier, the direction clearer, my choices more predictable. It consists of:

My souls’ mission: raising consciousness
My core values: love, freedom, making a difference
My unique talent: giving another perspective
And my vision for work: raising consciousness in leadership will result in more sustainable decisions, happier workplaces and ultimately a better future for our planet and our children.
And for life: raising my own consciousness gives me a fresh perspective and it enables me to react from love instead of fear (which, of course, I don’t always do, but at least I know that I have a responsibility for the choices I make ;)).
This part alone changed my life. It made me clear on the clients I want to work with, the depth of the questions I ask, the way that I listen. It made me forgive, and set boundaries. It changed my perspective on so many things.

My life/workplan

But what made it even more powerful is translating it into an actionable life/workplan, which I review yearly. It starts with the vision for my life, translated in:

The yearly goals I am setting
The priorities I choose
The actions I take
The thoughts and convictions I choose to have
The people I interact with
The rituals and habits I put in place
The clients I work with
Etc., all in service of my compass.
This is not always easy, it calls for difficult decisions. For instance:

Old friends that really suck your energy (or worse: family), and that you should stop interacting with.

Grudges you hold towards people that serve no purpose other than bothering yourself.

Foods that you love, but that really make you tired.

Saying no to certain clients…

And some of those really took some time for me to act on, and still do. My biggest pitfall is “understanding” and holding on to relationships that don’t serve me. But my compass tells me: that is not love, that is fear. It lowers my energy and my consciousness (I get irritated) and it restricts my freedom. So, I slow down, connect deeply, decide and let go.


A compass with a life/workplan can make you crystal clear in your decision making. It will give you directions on what to prioritize in your full lives. As a consequence, you experience calmness and clarity in the midst of crisis. You will feel congruent, fulfilled, energized and on purpose. It results in sustainable decisions and happier workplaces. You will act. And as a bonus you will experience a better life/work balance and an improved relation with your significant other.

The CFO worked with me for 2 days and we dug deep. He now has his compass, from the depth of his being, his own set of 5 core values, his unique talent and his vision. He has his life/workplan and clarity on his real added value for the company. I am looking forward to working with his team.

My plea is clear I guess: get yours asap!