Who are you?

How we limit ourselves by statements and stories

No really – who are your?

Everyone has any number of possible answers to this question.

I am a woman.

I am a perfectionist.

I am an entrepreneur.

I am French. 

And they are probably all true – but they are not all that we are. Such declarations limit us. And why is that?

If I am a woman, I might not attempt certain things that a man might do.

If I am a perfectionist, my inflexibility of thought that my way is the right way might limit my potential.

If I am an entrepreneur, I might expect certain things of myself and I may not be able to live up to them.

If I am French, I am supposed to love baguettes.

Statements and stories

These are not only statements, they are also stories. Stories that we colour with our experiences. The stories that we tell others about ourselves. And the more we tell them, the truer they become – for them and for us.

This is the way that we build our ego and how we build the image that we present to the world.

Let’s delve a little deeper

Who are you beyond these statements and stories? And where would that leave you if one day those stories vanished?

What would remain?

Who would you be?

What is left without your ego?

Can you feel that?

And what possibilities arise for you without the statements and the stories?  Do you dare to feel that? Do you dare to BE that? No matter what other people think of you?

Would you like to explore that?

My next spark will be about why you shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions most of the time, but also when you should.

Loving you,