Yesterday I had a beautiful talk with my friend Emile Weesie. Emile and his partners are running a weekend program for men, called MAN20.  After reaching a deeper level in the core of my Wild Woman over this weekend, we talked about what all of this means for leadership. We played around discovering what a Wild Woman leaders’ effect is on a Superior Man and vice versa. We played with clarity and strength, boundaries, sexuality and creativity (all very decent I assure you ;), and the triggers that capture us in the unproductive pleaser/victim/villain triangle.

We share a mission.

And we realised that we share a mission: playing with leaders to find their spot of true impact. The place where you are clear, calm and inspiring. We talked about women who, in general, love to journey in a group (healthy sisterhood), and men opening up in a 1:1 journey with their coach. And how working with a group of men and women leaders would help us understand each other and support each other to have real meaningful impact. And last but not least: when you embrace wisdom, but you do not know the core of your Wild (wo)man, something is really, really missing.

May I suggest to the male leaders:

would you like to know more about the way of the Superior Man?

1. Read David Deida’s book about it, just reading the first two pages of his introduction will clarify so much: balm for your soul. And

2. Book a call with Emile ( to explore your Superior man.

And female leaders:

1. Also read David Deida’s book, it is enlightening!

2. And my next group Wild Women Leadership is starting April 1st. Let’s journey together for 5 separate days and discover the core of your Wild Woman and translate that into your leadership. You will not regret it; the transformative power of this program is immense…

Emile and I will keep talking and sharing, co-creating; we understand how this could impact leadership, person by person, company by company and society by society.

If you feel the calling, please join us; we really want you to be part of this!